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Frost Four Ball - Sunday 27 February 2022
The Frost Four Ball is back on Sunday 27 February 2022. Click here for details - entries close 23 February.

2021 Trophy Winners
Congratulations to Ria Pearce and Ryley McDonald who are our club champions for 2021. For a full list of trophy winners and phots, click here.

2022 Syllabus
The 2022 syllabus has been published and can be found here.

Strathbogie Golf Club


As told by the club's oldest living member, James (Jim) Gibson, in March 2014, to mark the club's 90th anniversary.
The club was formed on 17 April 1924, with golf having been played prior to that date but not as a club.
Initially it was a 6 hole course, then 9, in what was called the home paddock, with 6 holes in Simpson's Paddock and 3 holes in what is now Brownlee's Paddock. The original club house was built in 1932 and the name on the gate was "Mossgiel".
Strathbogie Golf Club opening day, 17 April 1924. (Click to enlarge.)
Prior to that the local store verandah was used for gatherings. The club house was used as an observation point from 1942 until 1945.    
A scorecard from 1960.
(Click to enlarge.)
During the war only 9 holes were used in the home paddock, until 1954.
In 1969, the golf club purchased 50 acres and steers grazed on the land to help pay for the course. Sheep were on the course until about 2000 to help pay for improvements.
The club house was enlarged by purchasing two buildings - the Bogie South and West school rooms.
In 1984 the club approached the new owners for ground to get another 9 holes, but course architect Dick Pendlebury suggested the club forget the home paddock and build the entire course where it now stands.
Those owners considered putting up a hotel / motel complex, but that did not eventuate and after some discussion, the club was to develop the course with some payment from the owners.
Work starts on the new course in the late 1980s. (Click to enlarge.)
In 1991 the existing clubhouse was moved to the new premises and enlarged and altered.

The big move! (Click to enlarge.)

140428060520_HouseMove2 140428060520_HouseMove1

In 1992/93 a ten-year lease was entered into by the club.
In 1994 council wanted to sell the old paddock but members objected. (It was put in the council's name in the 1970s so the club might get some grant money.)
The new course in the 1990s. (Click to enlarge.)
140428060444_NewCourse2 140428060444_NewCourse1
In 2004 the club finally bought the new course from the owners for $300,000 and the old course was sold as well as surplus blocks on the new course. The extra money was raised from members and local citizens.
Grass greens were started on the new course in the 1990s and were completed in 2006.
Club stalwarts Shirley Dash, Helen Hill, Les Hill and Alan Moore talk about the history, colourful events and characters of the Strathbogie Golf Club.

Our resident historian Grant Pearce has been trawling through the archives and unearthed these gems of Strathbogie Golf Club history.
Club legends past and present
75th anniversary celebrations
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2003 Melbourne Cup Day Celebrations